TV5 Vidé

The website was produced byTurbulent for in order to offer Internet users access to TV5’s video content. Thus, television viewers have access to the French-language TV station’s short and long films, documentaries and feature programs, which they can view on their computer, cell phone or iPad at any time. 

Videos available on TV5’s web TV site are organized according to the most recent offerings, by genre, and in theme-based collections. Videos are linked to other videos via keywords, and episodes of the same series are grouped together. An advanced system of keywords lets users search for and quickly retrieve all the videos involving a particular actor or director, say. 

The website is available on several platforms in versions for the Web, iPad or mobile devices, and for iPhone/iPad apps. All of these versions connect to the same content management platform, Heap. 

Providing capability to play streaming video clips of variable length (from a few minutes to a few hours) on all of these platforms presented a hefty challenge for both TV5 and Turbulent. The solution: each video is encoded according to several different recipes to accommodate these different platforms. 

The other major challenge taken up by Turbulent on this project was interconnecting the website with Louise, the system used by TV5 Canada to manage television programming and copyright matters. The process for publishing content before uploading it was the subject of considerable scrutiny and targeted development. 

Also, any and all members of the community can go to and create, then comment on, their own collection of video clips. 

Finally, TV5’s Web TV site is hooked up to a geo-positioning system to determine the location of users, as some content is available only within Canada. was built by Turbulent in a collaborative effort with TV5 and was made possible in part by the financial contribution of Canadia Heritage.