PleaseFix is a bug reporting and prioritization product designed and developed by Turbulent.
It turns frustration into engagement and generates dialogue between the player community and the development team.

Promote contributions, not duplicates

Make players a vital part of the bug reporting and prioritization process


Anywhere, anytime

Contribute no matter where

Built with a mobile first approach, PleaseFix is instantly accessible regardless of the platform on which players experience an issue. It uses a machine learning-powered search engine at key steps to efficiently reduce the creation of duplicate issues.

This facilitates contribution from players and unlocks a goldmine of clean, actionable information for development teams to leverage.
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    By design, PleaseFix encourages players to search and contribute to existing reports.
  • PF-contribution-cards
    Players can quickly vote for an issue to be fixed. By contributing with additional details, the open issues are confirmed by the community.

Prioritization at a glance

Focus on what matters most

Each time a new player contributes to an issue, they provide additional information that helps developers understand the context and prioritize the fixes that will have the greatest impact.

PleaseFix's intuitive interface reduces the effort required to manage all issues reported on the platform.

  • PF-Issues-list-filters
    Both players and developers can use filtered lists to organize issues. For example, issues can be sorted by contribution count or community severity.

Clear & complete reports

High quality, standardized and comprehensive information with every report

The form refines the list of possible duplicates as the player provides more information.

Step by step

Value added information at first submission

Guiding players through every step of the report creation, the issue form ensures that the development team is provided with complete and accurate information.

The submission is scanned throughout the reporting process so that similar issues can be proposed to the reporter, minimizing the chances that they are creating a duplicate entry.

What's your setup?

PC, console and everything in between

PleaseFix allows users to easily include their game settings and device details, adding crucial context to their reported issues and contributions.
Players can easily store and update the details of their devices.
  • PF-issue-report
    A complete issue report can contain clear reproduction steps, accurate evidence and details on players' devices and perceived severity.
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Bringing players into the spotlight

Where players make games greater

A promise to talk

Give players a voice

PleaseFix facilitates communication and understanding between developers and their players. By providing regular updates on the status of issues and engaging their community in a dialogue, developers ensure that player satisfaction and engagement are increased.

  • PF-Report-Comment-Details
    The activity feed includes tools so that developers can communicate with players, adding efficiency and transparency to the bug fix process.

Ask for help

Mobilize the community

PleaseFix allows developers to promote issues and ask their community for help in resolving them.

Improbable impact

Tried, tested and true

Since its launch in 2021, PleaseFix has already acquired the trust of two major AAA games: Cloud Imperium Games' Star Citizen and Ubisoft's Rainbow 6: Siege.

Immediate results

After using the PleaseFix platform for only two months, the Cloud Imperium Games teams were able to fix critical issues on Star Citizen four times faster.

Filter out the noise

PleaseFix lets developers focus on the 1 in 5 issues that get confirmed by their community. By focusing on what matters most to their players, they're able to drastically improve efficiency.

Thousands of contributions

In the 12-month period since the platform launched, over 50,000 issues have been reported and 350,000 contributions have been made by players.