A Quebec success that goes beyond recipes

Rediscover the pleasure of cooking

For RICARDO, the ambition goes far beyond recipes: The company wants to pass on the pleasure of cooking and eating together. That's why it's so important to simplify recipe consultation and menu planning. To achieve this goal, Turbulent is working with RICARDO to develop a user-friendly, pleasant browsing experience. So users can enjoy their culinary experience to the full!

For over 21 years, RICARDO has been an undeniable success. With its website, magazine, social networking platforms and daily TV show, RICARDO has reached millions of people. Every month, the ricardocuisine.com website attracts over 5.4 million users, and its social networking community boasts 1.2 million subscribers.

Turbulent is proud to contribute to RICARDO's success by bringing innovative ideas to its web platform. We integrated AI developed in partnership with Moov AI, created an engaging user experience and implemented monetization strategies for profitable content.


A free meal planning tool

To meet the needs of balanced meal planning, new free tools have been created on the RICARDO digital platform. Thanks to these functionalities, a user can:
· Save favourite recipes from the 7,000 recipes on ricardocuisine.com.
· Add personal notes to adapt recipes to their needs.
· Plan their weekly menus and transfer RICARDO recipes directly to their list of ingredients to buy, thus reducing the time they spend at the grocery store.

These features have greatly improved the user experience and time spent on the site, as demonstrated by our satisfaction surveys.
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Practical tools that redefine the way we cook

My RICARDO+ perfects the RICARDO community experience. It enables users to:
· Receive recipe recommendations based on their needs and preferences.
· Create their own personal recipes based on RICARDO recipes.
· Bookmark the best recipes on the Web, so they can collect all their favourite recipes in one simple, easy-to-access place.

Since its launch, the tool has generated a huge response, exceeding our most optimistic forecasts.

A winning recipe

3 companies join forces to innovate in the world of Quebec culinary culture!

By combining RICARDO's innovative ideas, Turbulent's web expertise and Moov AI's artificial intelligence know-how, we have propelled the RICARDO brand to new heights. This alliance has enabled us to improve and modernize a French-language culinary solution while maximizing an already significant success.

"We are proud to have collaborated with Turbulent and Moov AI, two talented technology partners, to offer an innovative product featuring artificial intelligence and providing the best possible experience for our subscribers."

Ricardo Larrivée
Co-founder of RICARDO Media

The ultimate kitchen partner

A recognized tech advance

Winner of the OCTAS in the "Innovation and disruption – SMEs and startups" category in 2023, My RICARDO+ is much more than just a culinary tool. It's the ultimate partner for planning weekday dinners and lunches, dinners with friends and parties. Equipped with powerful articifial intelligence, it takes into account individual dietary preferences and suggests personalized menus that are sure to please the whole family.

My personal recipes

Features designed for the culinary community

Create your own recipes with My RICARDO+! Users can now create their own personal recipes. Long-awaited by the community, the personal recipe book was born to transform this ambitious idea into a simple and practical tool.

Opening up to the Web

All favourite recipes, grouped together

My RICARDO+ lets you add recipes from other websites to your personal recipe book. So favourite recipes from RICARDO and beyond are easily accessible in one place!

Searching is finding!

Optimized research and superior performance results

Turbulent constantly improves search performance on ricardocuisine.com by measuring site usage, monitoring technology and integrating the best tools and techniques. This strategy allows us to enhance the user experience by offering personalized, customized paths through our catalogue of 7,000 recipes.
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Collaborative tools

Turbulent creates powerful and flexible content tools that help RICARDO Media teams overcome their daily challenges.

The RICARDO content editor

An ingenious and effective solution

The content editor designed by Turbulent for ricardocuisine.com standardizes data input and optimizes validation with ease, which helps contribute to the success of RICARDO's teams. The editor is easily adaptable and offers flexibility and autonomy in a constantly changing market reality.

  • editeur-1
    The editor features easy-to-use tools for the layout of articles on the RICARDO Cuisine platform
  • editeur-2
    Available options provide content management teams with added flexibility
  • editeur-3
    The preview allows you to validate the display on tablets and mobile devices
  • editeur-4
    The editor also offers tools to create quizzes
  • editeur-5
    The layout tools for a quiz are just as robust and flexible as those for the creation of articles

High-tech solutions

Turbulent supports RICARDO and mobilizes its technological curiosity to implement appropriate and innovative solutions that meet the best technological standards and business objectives.


Technological migration

To build foundations in line with RICARDO Media's goals

With the complete upgrade of the site's infrastructure, ricardocusine.com is now built on a rigorous, high-performance, reliable foundation that is, above all, ready to continue evolving.

Improbable impact

RICARDO Cuisine, Quebec's culinary reference

With more than 5.4 million monthly visitors and a wide range of over 7,000 recipes, ricardocuisine.com is Canada's French-language culinary reference!

My RICARDO+: A recognized, award-winning innovation!

My RICARDO+ won the OCTAS in the "Innovation and disruption – SMEs and startups" category in 2023 and was also a finalist for the AI Excellence Award in the category "Best integration of AI into a product/service or business process within an SME or NPO," as part of the C2 Montréal 2023 AI Days. A third nomination is ongoing for this project as a ADRIQ Innovation award finalist.

  • My RICARDO+: A recognized, award-winning innovation!
  • My RICARDO+: A recognized, award-winning innovation!
  • My RICARDO+: A recognized, award-winning innovation!

Meaningful adoption of new features

Since the end of 2021, the enhanced user experience has resulted in a 15% increase in mobile device adoption among ricardocuisine.com users.
(*Statistics obtained as of March 18, 2022)

Exceptional performance

The popularity of the RICARDO Cuisine website continues unabated. More than 450,000 visitors a day! This exceptional number of visitors means that we have to implement reliable and robust technological tools to ensure an optimal experience on the site at all times.